Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Small Things Make Life Pleasant.

Cyril and his beloved duck.
Today has been a sunny day with an extremely cold wind, which Richie told me, was unpleasant.

Instead of going out me had my hair cut by Richie, funny how getting my hair cut always cheers me up so much.

Tomorrow Richie will henna my hair, which will make me happier than I am today with my haircut.

It is small things which make my life pleasant these days, important to plan in as many of those as possible.

Today I had my first Dutch request to join an MS platform, the website is owned by Merck Serono.

I thanked her, for the kind offer, but said I preferred my independence and was not interested in getting huge numbers of people visiting my blog.

Also, I do not want to in any way give pharmaceutical companies any credibility, by allowing them to use my blog on their websites.

They need that credibility to make them look good, shame they do not spend their time and money on finding the cause of MS.

That would improve their image, but I guess it would kill their cash cow, which is what they are all about; they are just drug dealers, just not the ones arrested by police.                     

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