Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunny Monday.

Marleen and Cyril.Sunny Monday.
After my physiotherapy session with Mathilde, I had an appointment with an adviser from the council.

From an organisation called Mozaak, she was here to have a look at the apartment and me, to see whether I qualified for airco.

She left after an hour; I am none the wiser what the decision will be, as she did not give me even the tiniest clue.

Really hope that the Mozaak will let me know as soon as possible what the answer will be, hopefully before it gets hot.

I shall have to wait and see, more patience, what an expert I have become in the last years, in being patient.

I even have to be patient with my laptop, which keeps freezing every time I try to do something.

Even just opening a mail or a word document or moving between both or scrolling up and down in my mailbox or word document.

Richie had a frustrating few hours trying to see what has caused these problems; he tried to make a backup of my profile.

This did not work out as the laptop kept freezing, so no backup, which was very annoying as Richie had spent ages trying.

He discovered a couple thousand old mails of mine, which I had long deleted but for some reason were still there.

I hope that we can sort this out, and I hope that it will start again tomorrow, my nightmare is that it won’t, horrible thought no laptop, no blog.


Juli Michaud said...

Hi there Gorgeous,
I am back in the blog world. So good to read your post. You better get that airco or they will get a really nasty letter from yours truly. Hope you are doing well and hope you get your laptop fixed. Mine is just as bad but it's because I am STILL on dial-up...Hi to may or may not want to read my new blog -- it's more editorial about Things in General here in the US. Will be posting on my other blog (MS) one of these days but one step at a and peace

janis said...

ugh! I hate when my laptop toys with me!
Hope it will be easily taken care of :(
Love to you~

Kris said...

The pups are so cute and I really hope everything works out for you before the weather gets warmer!

Herrad said...

Hi Juli,
Brilliant seeing your comment, lovely you are back.
I visited your blog right away and I will be back.
Hope you are doing well.

Hi Janis,
I do not like it either, I have solved the problem now there is just a minor irritation which I will delete tomorrow.

Hi Kris,
The dogs are great, I hope the airco happens soon it is already warmer now.

Thanks to you 3 lovely friends for coming by