Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday In April.

The Pleading Butcher. 1948.
Peter Purves Smith.
It was another lovely sunny day today, which was lovely to see out of the window, great for my sense of well being.

My physiotherapy session with the lovely Mathilde wa good, despite the fact that my right arm was painfully stiff.

Really difficult to stretch my arm out to touch my head as my elbow can’t bend or allow my arm to go higher than my nose.

Doing that is a huge effort for me, the second time we did that, I only just managed to touch my nose.

After the session I was exhausted, a sandwich and a fruit shake really helped me to feel better

This evening Angela, a good friend from  England phoned me, it was good to catch up with her life, which sounded hectic.

We met at Hillcroft College in 1991, when I returned to full time education, at the age of 40, she was only 22

The age difference, didn’t stop us becoming best friends, we just clicked, meeting each other was one of the best things to happen at Hillcroft.

Tonight has been dreadful, I can not sit well ant typing is painfully difficult, almost impossible, hope  Ican post this.                    





Webster said...

I'm sure you've mentioned this before, but do you use Dragon Naturally Speaking, or similar software that types what you say? Or is there some reason it doesn't work for you.

I'm sorry you are in pain. At least a sunny day helps elevate the mood. Yes, it does.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster
My big probleem was not sitting well typing slumped over was too difficult.
Can't get it loaded pc problemns to be resolved.

janis said...

I have found as I have gotten older that age isnt such a barrier in friendships. I have had dear friends old enough to be my mother as well as young enough to be my children. It is grand to get different perspectives.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
I totally agree with you, friends of different ages are good to have. Also from different backgrounds and countries, it is good to get different perspectives.
Thanks for coming by.

Herrad said...

Hi again Webster,
Meant to say that my laptop is acting weird need to troubleshooting before I reinstall Dragon.