Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Wedding Invitation For Syrian Ambassador.

Vincent Castiglia
I had a big shock this morning hearing that the Syrian ambassador has received an invitation to attend the Royal Wedding tomorrow.

This was announced in a program at 10.00, I wonder if the telephone line to the relevant government department had many ringing in to object as BBC radio  5, just announced the invitation has been withdrawn now.

Richie says he heard on the BBC, that William Hague, the Foreign Secretary read about the invitation this morning, he then decided that issuing this invitation was too embarrassing. 

For once I agree with him, would be odd to be publicly calling Syria a rogue state for killing the Syrian people.

Condemning these murders, which it is, as that is their plan, to kill as many as they need to, in order to intimidate the rest into silence and acquiescence.

Many more murders occurred, after President Bashar al-Assad suspended the 48 year state emergency/martial law, which forbade any dissent, it effectively discourages freedom of thought/expression.

In 1982 they murdered 30,000 in order to stifle protests from people against the repressive regime.

Just heard from Richie that 20 leading members of the ruling Ba’ath party have resigned in disgust at the killings.

I hope that the leading members of the Ba’ath Party resigning from the government will have a positive effect; the best outcome would be for Bashar al-Assad to step down immediately.

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