Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Jamboree And Murder In Syria..

Aurelio Suarez.

More extremely disturbing news on the TV as well as radio about the continuing killing of Syrian people.

With no sign of outside intervention, to stop the murder of people wanting a say in their lives, freedom of self determination.

The BBC radio and TV are concentrating on the royal wedding, not just the one coming next Friday, when they promise all day coverage from 08.00 in the morning.

They have spent hours on all royal weddings of the past; today was all about the last one in 1981.

When not discussing this, there have been endless TV programs about wedding cakes & clothes.

The BBC is doing their best to makes as much propaganda for this event as possible.

It is being sold as an ordinary wedding, something everyone can take part in, which is not true.

This is pure vicarious enjoyment; the only way people in the UK are taking part is in paying for it.

Nothing like this jamboree, to distract people from the recession, the thousands of job losses, homelessness and vicious cuts to public services.

Never mind all that, forget that, forget ruthless dictators murdering people, the EU won’t even impose sanctions as it imports so much to Syria.

Never mind all that, never mind the inhumanity lets all enjoy the royal parasites wedding.


Webster said...

Do you know Herrad, when I watched the weather report tonight, it was said that if we don't reach an average temperature of 57.2 for the nrest of April it will be the coldest April on record (since 1892). And you know that ain't gonna hapoen! [There was no mention of Syria on international news at all, BTW.]

I asked DH why he thought the weather was so weird, not only nationwide, but worldwide, this year. Could this all be caused by global warming? What he said was, simply, "It's all the wars."

So, the world has bad karma. It is going through a dark age. If that is so, our complaining about it will only add to the bed energy afloat.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
A colleague of mine said we often had bad weather at the weekends because not as many cars were on the road as during the week.
Sounds as good as bad karma don't you reckon.