Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There Is No Shame, Blame Or Any Embarrassment.

New York, 1936.
Peter Purves Smith.


Last night was really horrible, not being able to sit well in bed; difficult to type totally slumped over to the left.

At one point I was practically lying on my left side, this was when I had to get Richie’s help to copy/paste my post into my blog.

I could not find a picture or even write the title, so left it until today when I could sit better.

It turned out, that the reason that I could not maintain a good sitting position was because I needed to go to the toilet.

Full bowels stopped me sitting well, something that I would never have experienced before MS.

Multiple Sclerosis is a strange disease, it really does change so much, in ways I could not have ever imagined.

Being so handicapped means I have had to come to terms with many things as well as many changes.

Shame and embarrassment are two things I have had to stop feeling, difficult not to feel bad about crapping in bed.

It is not in my control, I can’t do anything to stop it happening, if I could I would, which is how come there is no shame, blame or any embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for this impressive lesson of and for life very much.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thank you for coming by and reading, always good to see your comment.

Herrad said...

ps Thanks for your support which helps me to write.

Gareth said...

Hi thanks for sharing all the good the bad and the messy bits:) just part of lifes rich tapestry.

Richie said...

as they say: shit happens!
Anyway as you say you can't be responsible for things you can not control. No need to be shamed by what is nature running it's course. More to worry about is not being able to crap. I have always been able to accept the situation and deal with the consequences. It just seemed the natural thing to do. If I was to think more about it I could worry my self but that would not serve a purpose. It is part of our reality and has to be treated like any other difficulty. You manage to maintain your dignity in some really nasty situations and I respect you so much for this. Feel proud of yourself for staying such a strong positive woman.

Anonymous said...

Through your writings, I have learned to accept MS with grace, to squeeze every bit of good out of today, to prepare for what lies ahead. You are helping me so much. Thank you for all that you do.

My best to your Richie as well. We should all be so blessed as to have a friend of such good heart.

Strength, comfort and peace,

Jeanie said...

Hello Herrad,

Life throws us such hard punches sometimes. Isn't it great that we can fight back and hold our heads up to them, just like you do?
There is no shame/blame or embarassment in not being in control of when you can go to the loo.
As my sister and I say to each other, since we have both been through breast cancer. "We women are made of iron girders!
You have that same solid backbone too.
It was raining here in the English lakes today. The poor spring flowers were all hanging their heads. Bah!
I hope you have had better weather.
Jeanie xx

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Thanks for reading.

Hi Richie,
Thanks for your comment but most of all your care.
You help me stay positive.

Hi Grasshopper,
Thanks for coming by, appreciate your visit and comment, hope to see you again.

Hi Jeanie,
Thanks for your visit and comment, we all have to stay positive and enjoy what we can.

Thanks to your lovely friends for coming by,