Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What A Day.

Negative of X-Ray of Meret Oppenheim’s Skull, 1964
Meret Openheimer.

What a day, Richie went to the dentist for a check up; he had to have a temporary filling.

Then to the doctors, nothing serious, just very unpleasant, he has a skin infection on the soles of his feet that has been driving him mad.

My poor darling, being in discomfort these last couple of weeks, I hope the medicine helps him very soon.

While Richie was gone, I was listening to the radio, answering my e-mails, while reassuring Cyril that Richie would be back.

I thought that I had sorted my laptop problems yesterday, sadly not, everything took ages.

It kept freezing; when Richie went to the chemist my screen went black, at my 5th attempt it started up again.

I got a message that there was only a tiny bit of space on drive D, really worrying, drive D stores my back ups.

Was shocking to see in D that 9 back ups had been made on the 18th April, I right clicked, clicked on format, after stopping automatic back ups.

Then I put the format back to the default setting which emptied the drive then did a back up.

I also changed settings to monthly instead of weekly, it worked, I am happy.


Webster said...

You know so much more about computers than I do, Herrad. I let DH take care of everything - sometimes to my chagrin. He changed my operating system over to Linux when I went out at Christmas. In the process, he lost everything on my hard drive (with no back up. Then he recovered 823 files, many which are duplicated, and many which are gobbledygook. I still haven't gone through them all.

I've gotten very Zen about it.

Muffie said...

Well aren't you the little techie!?! I, too, know little about the inner workings of a computer -- I'm not even sure I understand what you wrote! I've been spoiled, having a techie son who takes care of it all.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
11 years ago I worked on a computer helpdesk, so long ago it is difficult to remember now.DH should have told you and made a backup.
You are a saint.

Hi Muff,
I used to know more when I worked on a IT helpdesk 11 year ago.
These days I panic, please send your son around.

Thanks to you 2 dear friends for coming by.

Charisa said...

Have a good day Herrad!