Thursday, April 07, 2011

Good Warm Sunny Weather Coming.

Sun Dance 1956.

Arne Ekeland.

Today started cloudy, then got sunny, the weather forecast says that it is set to get warm this weekend.

Looking forward to going out tomorrow, as well as over the weekend, I plan to enjoy the warm, sunny weather.

I shall wear my new outfit of black harem pants; tie-dye t-shirt and my red & black creeper shoes plus lots of bling.

Looking forward to getting out and about, this Saturday I shall get Richie to get me up early so we have more time outside while the sun shines.

Nice to have plans, also nice to have new clothes, the pants are good fun, really like them, the shoes are great, they have thick soles with a black & red argyle pattern.

Great fun to have new clothes and shoes, they make me feel good, which is so much better than when I was not interested in what I had on, or even whether I had a shower or not.

No wonder I felt like that when I had to stay in bed for as long as I had to, with hindsight I know now that was not good for me.

Now I wish I had not stopped caring about how I looked, as it is so important, it helps keep me positive.

Being positive is extremely important, it won’t make me better, I wish it did, but what it does do is help me enjoy and be as happy as I can be.


Gareth said...

Hi folks, wow the outfit sound great, as you say its important to have a sense of style and your new stuff sounds the bizz. great about you chair being sorted @ by somebody that cares, a very big bonus. Us both well and enjoing the warm weather even having to water me garden. Enjoy your weekend LOTS OF LOVE GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
The harem pants are great, the tie dye top is nice, forgot how much I like tie dye, going to try and find some large t-shiurts on ebay with long sleeves.
Hope to find a duck dog toy for Cyril as his is pretty knackered now, he takes it to bed with him whichr is sweet.
We will enjoy the weeken, hope vyou both do too.