Monday, April 30, 2012

I Got All My Wishes

Julian Trevelyan

Yesterday was the long-awaited Derby between Manchester United and Manchester City.

As soon as it started, it became very clear that Manchester United had 'parked' a bus in front of their goal and were doing everything they could to prevent Manchester City from playing football.

Everything that Manchester City tried failed; Manchester United really tried to control the game by playing defensive football.

What did seem strange; was that the Manchester United players did not seem to be actually playing any football.

What they did do, was devise all sorts of tricks whereby they could get the opposition to tackle them badly and then dive and get the other player sent off.

Sadly for them none of their plans worked, and in the last moment before half-time Vincent Company, the Manchester city captain scored a magnificent goal.

It was hilarious to see the expressions of disbelief, on the faces of Manchester United it was wonderful to see, they were shocked that the unimaginable   could possibly happen to them.

After half-time it seemed for the first five maybe 10 minutes that Manchester United were finally playing football.

Sadly this did not seem to happen, and for most of the rest of the game all the action was down in front of the Manchester United goal, where Manchester city had a lot of chances.

Miraculously at the end of the game, despite there being no injury time, 5 minutes extra time was added, I would love to know how Alex Ferguson always manages to get this.

At every game when Manchester United has not scored a goal, suddenly there's always extra time when they usually manage to get their goal.

Yesterday again they got extra time, but this time no matter how they tried, they did not manage to get a goal.

Manchester City won the game with one goal; it now looks like they will win the Premier league, and not Manchester United who usually win.

I'm very happy, I got all my wishes, Chelsea won against Barcelona, Bayern Munchen beat Real Madrid, and now my third wish that Manchester City win against Manchester United has also happened which is wonderful.                              

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