Sunday, June 03, 2012

Free To Live As They Choose.

Frida Kahlo
Susan Kalman on the News Quiz this Friday mentioned that the Coronation had been in 1953, so this year it is 59 years that the Queen has been on the throne.

Next year 2013 it will be 60 years; Susan expressed the hope that they wouldn't be having to celebrate all over again next year.

I am not a monarchist; I would like to get rid of it altogether, as I'm not in favour of such outdated institutions, and believe they shouldn't have any place in 2012.

I actually feel quite sorry for the Royals; it can't be pleasant living in a cage no matter how luxurious it is.

They never get the chance to develop as human beings; they are constrained by their restrictive roles.

Sue Townsend, the author of the Adrian Mole books, wrote a delightful book called the Queen and I, in 1992.

It was about the Queen and her family going to live on a housing estate after a Republican overthrow of the monarchy.

It was a lovely book, and it showed the Queen and her family living normal lives and becoming friends with their neighbours.

It was a touching story and really made me think about how restricted the monarchy is in their golden cages.

In exchange for being guaranteed a lifetime of luxury, they have given up their right of autonomy and self-expression.

Never having the right of self-determination, to make their own decisions about the kind of lives they want to lead.

Their whole focus is how to maintain their position, which has meant a lot of interbreeding, with close relatives, as a result none of them is very bright.

Nor do they seem to be happy, Margaret, Elizabeth’s sister was not allowed to marry the love of her life because he was divorced and she was the Queen's sister.

Instead of happiness with the man she loved, she became an alcoholic, drug addict and she's not the only one, the Queen Mother spent most of her life drunk.

Charles was not allowed to marry the woman he loved because she was a Catholic; instead he was made to marry Diana.

So many lives ruined just because they had the misfortune to be born into the Royal family.

In my opinion the only decent thing to do would be to abolish such institutions as the monarchy, and allow the people trapped within to be free to live the lives of their own choices.

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