Sunday, June 10, 2012

May The Best Team Win.

Alice Rahon 

Yesterday there was more football to watch, the Dutch team played against Denmark.

There was quite an air of anticipation in our neighbourhood; everyone was hoping that the Dutch team would win.

They didn't seem to be well organised, they were not creative it was as if they were lacking playmakers, even Robin van Persie, a big favourite of mine, was not playing as well as he always does for Arsenal.

They had 28 attempts on goal but never managed one, whereas the Danish team had seven attempts on goal and scored one.

No matter what they did the Dutch team were not successful, at the end of the game they were devastated that they had not scored.

It was easy to notice by the subdued atmosphere in the neighbourhood that people were disappointed by this result.

What seemed to make it worse was that the next game was between the German team and the team from Portugal.

The Portuguese team did not play creative football; they played defensively, for a draw, not attempting to do anything else.

They played like that or two thirds of the game, after Germany scored a goal, then the Portuguese finally changed their tactics, but it was too late by then.

Real shame especially as the two best players in the Portuguese team, Ronaldo and Nani, are both attacking creative footballers.

Both the Portuguese and the Dutch must play better; in order to win their next games otherwise they will both be leaving the European Championships next week.

The Dutch team’s next game is against their arch rivals, Germany this coming Wednesday, when they will be hoping for a better result.

The Dutch team only succeeded in winning the European Championship, once in 1988.

They beat Germany in the semi-finals and won against Russia in the final, in 1988 Amsterdam was delirious with joy.

This Wednesday could be very different here, because unless they play better, the Dutch will be going home mid week.

What I'm interested in is good creative football, not in the nationalities, I am looking forward to the best team winning whoever that may be.


gareth said...

Hi Folks Its Euro footy time again:)Hope you enjoy all the matches. Lovley to read about your visitors and that you can enjoy carrot cake again. Wow is it a month allready since the Judgement, really hope they sort it for you.

Herrad said...

Hello Gareth,
lovely to see your comment thanks for your visit, shame it wasn't a real one. I still haven't heard when they can come and install it, but I did hear from the investigator sent an e-mail saying it was not his intention to upset me, nor was it his intention to refuse the airco, which is why he needs to investigate properly first.
PS keep dry more rain coming on Thursday