Thursday, June 28, 2012

Semi Final Time In Euro 2012

Gregoire Michonze

We watched the first semi-final of the Euro football tournament 2012; it was between Spain and Portugal.

Portugal was seen by many as having a good chance of winning against Spain.

This prediction looked like as if it would happen, Portugal took immediate control of the game, they were very dominant.

Spain looked as if they were being sidelined, Portugal would not let them have possession of the ball so this prevented them from controlling the game.

They always control the game by getting the ball and passing it from one to another.

Portugal prevented them from doing this by controlling the ball themselves they also made Spain play differently.

Neither side managed to get a goal in the first half, all of Renaldo’s attempts on goal failed, they went over the goal.

In the second half of the game the Spanish team were back in the game and getting more control of the ball.

Again all of Ronald many attempts to score a goal came to nothing, it was quite frustrating watching and knowing that if they didn't score it meant extra time.

Indeed at the end of the game neither side has managed to score a goal, and now extra time began.

The first 15 minutes started and ended without a result, the second 15 minutes began and it also ended with no goals.

Both teams now had to prepare to take penalties, all of the players were extremely tired and now they would have to focus on getting their shots into the goal.

Portugal took the first penalty and missed then Spain stepped forward to take their first penalty and they also missed.

Both Spain and Portugal got their second penalties, and then Portugal stepped forward to take their third which they missed.

Consternation among the Portuguese players, then Spain also came forward
to take their third penalty which they achieved.

Spain came for their fourth penalty which was taken by Ces Fabregas and he got that without a problem, this meant that Spain had beaten Portugal.

Ronaldo was devastated as he was going to take the fifth penalty for Portugal but never got the chance because his team had lost.

So now Spain will be in the final yet again, tomorrow Germany will play against Italy and the winner will play against Spain on Sunday.

What a shame for Portugal, Cristiana Ronaldo should have taken the first penalty and then they might have had a better chance of winning.

That's football always full of surprises.

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