Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why Is Immorality Of The Rich Allowed.

Endre  Nemes  

Today I'm feeling a lot better than I recently had been, Richie commented on it too saying, I looked brighter and happier.

The weather has a big part to play in this, today it is a changeable day with cloud cover but mainly sunny with lots of lovely breeze.

The wind keeps me happy because otherwise it would be very muggy like it was on Wednesday, when it was so humid I could not do anything.

My left index finger, my only means of typing was not functioning; it felt as if it were electrified by the heat.

Luckily Thursday and Friday had enough movement of air to keep me reasonably cool.

I've been following the latest banking scandal involving Barclays bank and many others; they seem to have been rigging interest rates to suit themselves.

Somehow I am not surprised about this latest evidence of fraudulent, corrupt behaviour in the banking industry.

Not having believed for a moment after the Lehman Bros disaster triggered the financial crisis that they had cleaned up their business.

The only crisis there really is, is a crisis of the rich wanting to get even richer and making everybody else pay, so that they can fill their bank accounts.

I was very amused recently by David Cameron the British Prime Minister, making a scapegoat of the comedian Jimmy Carr’s because of his tax arrangements.

Apparently Jimmy’s accountant arranged for him to be paid via an offshore company to reduce his tax bill, David Cameron described this as immoral.

He failed to include Gary Barlow in his condemnation, Gary also is paid via offshore companies, I wonder if he didn't mention him because he's a conservative supporter, who probably gives them generous donations.

It is a bit rich describing others as immoral, coming from a man whose family seem to have never paid their tax bill.

It seems that the Cameron’s great wealth was made in offshore tax havens, which surely means that they have been benefiting from their tax avoidance for generations.

It makes me wonder who is really the immoral one here; my vote goes to David Cameron and his family.


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