Saturday, June 09, 2012

Kick Fascism And Racism Out Of Our Lives.

Alice Rahon 

Last night was the first couple of football games of the Euro 2012, Poland played against Greece.

It was quite an exciting game then sadly a Greek player got a yellow card for doing nothing except playing the ball, in my opinion, he should not have got it.

The game went on and shortly after the referee gave the same player another yellow card, two yellows mean red so he was sent off quite unjustified.

That meant Greece was now down to 10 men this seemed to bring out their fighting spirit because shortly afterwards they equalised.

Then a Polish player, the goalkeeper fouled a Greek player who was trying to get a shot on goal and a penalty was given.

Chesne, who is the Arsenal goalkeeper had to go off he was substituted by the PSV goalkeeper who had no problem in saving the penalty.

Real shame, for Greece who might have won the game if they had got the penalty.

The Polish players did everything they could to produce a winning goal but they did not succeed in their aim.   

I hope Greece do very well, at the European Championships in 2004 Greece were definitely the underdogs at the beginning of the tournament.

Much to everybody's surprise they were the winners, so now having seen them playing so well I would really like them to shine. 

The game that followed was Russia against the Czech Republic, Russia were really unstoppable, their captain Arshavin, a former Arsenal player was on fire.

I've never seen him so alert and so focused, just like he'd been in the European Championships in 2008 when we first saw him

 Then he moved to Arsenal, in his first season he seemed a lively and alert player that gradually disappeared, leaving him doing very little.

In the January transfer window, he left to play for Zenith St Petersburg and now he is captain of St Petersburg as well as the national team.

It was a very exciting game and it finished Russia 4 Czech Republic 1, I'm very excited about this evening games.

The downside of the European Championships is that they're being held in Poland and in Ukraine, where there is alot of racial abuse and extreme violence by fascists.

Yesterday the Dutch team could not do their warming up exercises without the constant harassment of monkey noises being made at them.

They ended up having to go inside into a Hall to do their warming up exercises and training schedule.

Last week we watched a Panorama program about the hard-core fascist thugs, who attend the games to racially abuse anyone who is not white; any opponent is called a Jew.

We watched one game in the Ukraine, and saw how a small group of Indian students were attacked and severely beaten and nobody stepped in, neither the referee nor the stewards nor police who were present.

The Ukrainian authorities try to brush it under the table, saying it's only a few yet, we've seen game after game in which crowds were giving the fascist salute even kids as young as four encouraged to do the same.

The authorities, including the police know only too well exactly who these thugs are and if they really wanted to they could prevent them all from ever attending football again, by banning them for life.

An imposing prison sentences for their violent crimes which they have committed.

It would be really good if they did finally act in an effective manner against the fascist anti-Semitic thugs.

I do hope that's Sol Campbell's recent advice to not go to the games because you could run the risk of coming home in a coffin won't be true.

I'm really hoping that the fascists will be kept away so that the football fans can enjoy what is a wonderful three-week event.

 Come on Greece you can do it, what a wonderful boost that would be for them if they were to win the European Championship 2012.


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