Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Tense And Exciting.

Gunther Gerzso

There was more football last night, this time the game was between Greece and Germany.

I found it rather difficult to watch as I still wanted Greece to pull off the impossible and win this game and go through to the final.

Of course not long after the game started I realised that this was maybe a bit too ambitious.

The Greek team were doing their utmost best against a German side who had more talent and skill than they did.

Even when the Germans went one up the Greeks were still battling to stay in the game, Giorgio Samaras put them back in to the game with his goal.

This made it one all, the German teams answer was to score another one, and the score line was now 2-1.

The Greek supporters will absolutely magnificent singing and cheering their team on all through the game even when they knew they were losing.

Still the brave Greek team kept trying for another goal; this ambition was diminished even further by a third goal for Germany, followed by another.

This meant that the German team had won the game with four goals and the Greek team had lost with one goal.

Mario Gomes scored three of the goals and Miroslav Klose scored 1 to give Germany a great score from which to go on to the semi-finals.

I think France will be playing Spain on Saturday and England will be playing against Italy on Sunday.

Once all the quarter-finals have been played we will know who is playing in the semi finals next week, it really is getting quite tense now and exciting.

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