Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Good Attitude

Bienvenido Bones  Banez Jr. 

Yet another exciting football battle between Italy and Croatia, in Poznan, Poland, both sides were not prepared to give an inch.

The Italian team had many more attempts on goal than the Croatian team; the Italians were doing everything to prevent the Croatians being able to play.

It seemed as if would go to half time without a goal being scored, but it was such a tussle for control of the ball between both sides.

Finally after 38 minutes of the game Italy scored a tremendous goal, then Croatia put on quite a fight but failed to get an equaliser before the whistle blew.

When they returned for the second half they resumed the play great vigour and determination.

Despite the Croatians best effort, they still had not managed to get a goal and it was 65 minutes into the game, in the 71st minute that Croatia scored.

It was now 1-1 which well-deserved, they resumed their battle but neither side got another goal so it was a draw.

The next game was between Spain against the Republic of Ireland, it became obvious quickly that Spain were miles better than Ireland.

Spain had the most possession of the ball and they spent the majority of the first half passing the ball to each other much to the frustration of the Irish team.

Every time an Irish player managed to get the ball it was taken off him again sometimes within seconds.

Spain seemed to be in total control of the game sidelining the Ireland for a large part of the game.

Even Robbie Keane who has a great reputation as a footballer could not manage to play well because he was being marked so well by his Spanish counterpart.

Fernando Torres scored the first goal in the first half, then they went off at half-time and when they returned David Silva scored another goal.

The Irish team was still doing everything they could to get a goal but again every time they got the ball immediately lost it to Spanish player.

Suddenly 60 minutes into the game the Irish players were trying to build up momentum in order to achieve a goal.

For awhile it seemed that maybe they could possibly get a couple of goals, especially as suddenly they didn't seem to have a wall of red around them.

It didn't last for long as the Spanish players were soon all around them again and worse was to follow, Torres scored another goal his second.

Then he was replaced by Ces Fabregas, who used to play for Arsenal and has now moved to Barcelona, he came on and scored a goal.

There was now no way that the Irish team come back from that and score four goals in the short time left before the game ended.

The game ended with Spain 4- the Republic of Ireland 0; Spain will almost certainly be going through to the next round.

The Irish Republic on the other hand we have to win against Portugal when they play them in order that the chance of remaining in the competition.

Despite everything the Irish fans showed their support all the way through the game singing for their team, I'm sure they will enjoy themselves after the game, they will probably join in singing with the Spanish supporters. 

For the Irish supporters the glass is always half full, a good attitude. 


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