Monday, June 11, 2012

A Positive Attitude.

Bienvenido Bones  Banez Jr. 

We watched more football last night, there were two games, and the first was between Italy and Spain.

It promised to be a great game, as Spain had won the last European championship in 2008 and the World Cup in 2010 and Italy were rated highly.

The promise was delivered on and it was an exciting game, Italy scored first and Fabregas, the ex-Arsenal striker equalised for Spain.

Fernando Torres, a Chelsea striker came on to applause from the Spanish supporters, at the end of the game the final score was Italy 1-Spain 1

After that there was a brief pause and then the next game started, which was between the Irish Republic and Croatia in Poznan, Poland.

The game started dry but as it progressed the rain started and it was a downpour, players as well as supporters were soaking wet, despite this everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Croatia seemed to have the upper hand when they scored first, Shay Given, the goalkeeper, was wrong footed and tumbled to the ground and the Croatian goal sailed straight into the net.

Ireland equalised, but then a second goal was allowed for Croatia even though it was obviously offside, unnoticed by referee.

Then an Irish player was fouled but this was not seen by the referee, who did not give them the penalty they deserved.

Croatia went on to score their third goal which left very little time for the Irish Republic to score two goals.

There was 5 min extra time added on at the end of the game for injury time, try as they might the Irish team could not manage to get two goals.

The game ended with Croatia 3-Ireland 1, very disappointing for the 25,000 Irish supporters who had travelled to support their team.

Despite the Irish team not winning, I'm sure that their supporters would have had a very enjoyable night and will now be looking forward to the next game.

A great attitude to have, it is always good to move on and get on with the next project, and not remain in the past.


Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings. my friend.\
It's been a while. NO excuses just lazy.

I trust all is well and you are living life on your terms and doing a great job at it.

A positive attitude is always best cultivated however at times its the most challenging thing to foster.

Stay blessed.
My regards to your loved ones.


Herrad said...

Hello Rhapsody,
Its really lovely to see your comment, you are correct, I am living the life on my terms. I hope you are well too.