Monday, June 25, 2012

The Last Exciting Games Of The Euro Tournament 2012.

Gunther Gerzso

Yesterday we watched the last of the quarter-final games this time between England and Italy England's former, this time between England and Italy.

England started in good form, right away you could see that they were well organised.

They were defending well and using every opportunity to attack and to create chances for themselves.

At first the Italian team almost seemed disturbed by this, however they soon got on with playing their particular brand of football.

The Italian teams are well known for playing negative football which does not allow their opponents many chances of creating opportunities to score goals.

Richie jokingly describes their tactics, as ‘parking their bus’ in front of their goal to prevent the opposition from scoring.

Their tactics seem to be working quite well yesterday, the only problem for the Italian team was that England also defended their goal extremely well.

The first half ended without a goal to either side, the second half ended and once again there were no goals.

This meant extra time, so another half an hour was played, at the end of the half-hour there was still no goals from either Italy or England.

Now both teams had to get themselves ready to take penalties, England got there first penalty and so did Italy.

Then Italy missed their second penalty, England did not miss theirs, which gave them hope.

Then England's Ashley Young missed the third penalty which his Italian counterpart buried in the goal.

Both England as well Italy got their fourth penalty, England's Ashley Cole missed the fifth penalty.

Italy on the other hand got their fifth penalty and there was much jubilation because there were now through to the semi-finals.

Next Wednesday is the first semi-final between Spain versus Portugal, then on Thursday in the semi-final between Germany and Italy.

Next Saturday will be the play-off to see who gets the are the third place in the tournament while on Sunday the final of the Euro 2012 will take place.

I hope that the last games will be as good as the rest have been, and the best team will win.

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