Friday, June 15, 2012

Concentrate On Enjoying Life Now.

Marleen, Cyril, Tina
 Here it is another grey day, the weather in England is dreadful, they are experiencing high winds and torrential rain.

We are getting some high winds and rain, plus it is cool enough to have the heating on in the mornings and evenings.

Last night I got woken up several times each time finding my arms clenched tight over my chest and my fingernails digging into the palms of my hands.

No wonder that I woke up, and each time it took ages to get my arms back down by my side.

My spine is getting more deformed, it is more difficult to get me sitting straight; I did not notice it is as much in the wheelchair.

That’s due to the excellent support I get in the wheelchair, which I don't have in bed so I need regular adjustments.

I've been enjoying the football; it has taken my mind off my situation and given me something else to focus on.

Which is good as the stress of having to fight for everything has been getting to me.

I'm constantly either pushing for something to happen or I'm waiting for it to finally happen.

For example I've been waiting for Kees van Roekel, from Welzorg to come back since the beginning of March.

Plus I'm waiting to hear how the new application for the eye operated software is faring at the health insurers Agis.

It was made after an appointment with Dr. Janneke Stolwijk and my occupational therapist, Maurits, to discuss why the first application did so badly.

The advice they had previously included with the first application for Seetech was not up to date so they promised another.

They wrote a new advice, that I needed to be able to operate the IPaq with Seetech, as I could no longer use either the touch screen or the button.

My health insurers do not see the necessity of my having three dictionaries included, I will have to buy the German one myself.

I was amazed to be informed by the salesman from RTD Het Dorp that the German language dictionary only cost €158.

I thought it was going to be more, strange that my health insurers objected so strongly to this, major expenditure.

What is especially strange about the objections is the fact that they say they will assist people to maintain their quality-of-life.

In my case this means being able to communicate in three languages, as I was brought up speaking German and English, and I taught myself Dutch when I moved here in 1981.

In my case this did not count, all they were interested in was spending as little as possible.

They also objected to voice recognition, I guess this is also too expensive for them, strange as voice recognition only costs just €150.

They were quibbling about €308 which is why they turned down the application ‘from HES, last November.

I still haven't heard from the council when they will install air conditioning that I need so desperately.

The best thing I can do is to try and put it all out of my mind and concentrate on enjoying the here and now.


Webster said...

Oh Herrad, it is dismaying to read that you are still having to fight the same old battles. If they would just give you the German dictionary and the voice recognition software it would cost them so much less than the wages they have to pay their employees to keep saying no. But what can you do, except try to keep thinking positive thoughts.

It's nice that the weather is cooler this Summer (so far). Well, not really nice, but at least that is good for you - better than it being too hot.

Say Hi to Richie for me, and hugs to you both!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thinking of you and hoping some resolution will happen. You inspire me every day and help me resolve to make a better system. Best to you and yours. Hope the bureaucrats get sick on their inattention to disempowered constituents. Love, mary