Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If Only I Could Enjoy Summer Again.

Today really is a day of two halves, from early this morning it has been another grey miserable overcast day, not a summer day.

This afternoon it was time to change my catheter, it was one month and two days since the last change, this time again it took ages.

I was lying on the shower chair for what seemed to be hours, Richie got the old one out with no problem which I hardly felt, but getting a new one back in proved to be a big problem.

Richie kept trying and trying various ways to insert a catheter, finally he stopped and got another catheter which went in at his first attempt, it was a thinner catheter.

Our ordeal was over and Richie could proceed with showering me and getting me dressed and back into bed.

After hours spent in the bathroom it was lovely to come back into the bedroom and find that it was looking much nicer outside then earlier in the afternoon.

At six o'clock the clouds were gone, the sky was blue and it was sunny, I hope the temperatures are not going to shoot up too quickly.

But it really is amazing because the weather has been early autumn weather since May and not at all the sort of weather you expect to get in the summer.

Today it feels like late April or early May when things are just starting to improve, instead of the 26th of June.

The trees around us have already got yellow leaves, I've been hearing from friends that flowers have not blossomed and other plants have gone yellow.

It really feels like autumn rather than summer, in some ways I'm not unhappy about this as I still have not heard when the council will finally install the air conditioning for me.

Mostly it is out of my mind and then every now and again it pops back into my mind, especially when the weather looks like its improving.

I'm dreading the temperature rocketing from 18° today to in the 30s tomorrow, it usually happens like that and I can't cope with it any more.

Sad that I can't cope with hot weather, which is dreadful for me, it really is, especially as I have always loved it being hot, being a Trinidadian I adored hot summers.

At the first sign of good weather I would be straight into my shorts and skimpy T-shirt as soon as I got home from work.

Nowadays when it is hot, it makes me feel very uncomfortable, so much so that I yearn for cool weather which surely can't be right for a Trini, how I wish I could still enjoy the heat of summer.


Gareth said...

Hi there folks Popping by to say a BIG HELLO, and to say we have moved back HOME YIPPIE, Have tried to e-mail pics but every accout I,ve used gets sent back? So nice to be HOME. Hope Richies shoulder is better and you get a posative response soon on the ARCO HUGE LOVE@ HUGS GXXX

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hope the weather improves. Cold and rainy here too. Best to you both on the personal care. It is a hard to do. Have a better week. love,mary

Webster said...

I am sooo with you on this one, Herrad. Our Summer has not yet arrived. It has been more Springlike here than anything. June has had twice the average rainfall, but I've hardly noticed because it's so cool that I just stay indoors most of the time.

I was out today, to have lunch with some friends, and it was in the low 60sF. Not bad because the sun was out and it was not breezy. Tomorrow it's supposed to get up to 73 and be overcast, so I think I will get out with my scooter (now that DH has fixed why it was shorting out on me!), and make a trip to the library.

I dream that it will be a nice day, but only tomorrow will tell.

I'm glad Ritchie got your catheter issue sorted. He's becoming quite the expert, isn't he? I do remember that during my first year with the SP Cath., it seemed that I had more problems. Now, I'm going on 5 months leak free (knock on wood - lol).

Now I am trying to get approval for an electric w/c that turns on a dime - much needed in my small house. So far I have just been getting bureaucratic run-around. It's very frustrating. I hope I have some luck before our weather changes. Like you, I don't do well in the heat.

Take care, you two :-).

Herrad said...

Hello Gareth,
lovely to see your message.
that's good news that you've moved back. You may have been getting your mails back because you tried to attach too many photos.
Are you Richie's shoulder is getting better but I have not heard anything about the air conditioning.

Hello Mary,
lovely to see your message too, sadly cool weather better for me these days but I do hope that it improves for everybody else.

Hello Webster,
you are right the weather has been dreadful we've been getting an early summer in April and sometimes the beginning of May for the last couple years and then early autumn when it should be summer.
I hope the weather was good for your trip to the library.
I hope you get approval for this new electric wheelchair, tell me more about it, who makes it. A wheelchair with a small turning circle is ideal.
You take care too.

Thanks to you three lovely friends are coming by I appreciate seeing your comments.
Love, Herrad