Friday, June 22, 2012

Now It's The Quarter Finals.

Gunther Gerzso

Last night we watched the first of the quarter-final games; it is now the knockout stage of the competition.

The game was between Czech Republic and Portugal; in the first half both sides tried but failed to get a goal.

Ronaldo had many attempts on goal; they went everywhere apart from in between the goalposts.

In between firing in his goals, he also seemed to lose steam; both sides were trying all through the first half.

They went off at half time neither team managing to score that vital goal which would take them to the semi-final.

When they came back the Czech team seemed invigorated, as was Petr Cech their excellent goalkeeper, in his heyday he was the best in the world.

Petr Cech was part of the Czech Republics wonder team, who won the European football tournament in 1996.

The team had many excellent players, among them the brilliant Pavel Nedved who was also a star player for Juventus in Italy.

Although I wanted the Czech Republic to win, I was realistic enough to see that it might not happen because Portugal was just too good.

Ronaldo and the rest of the team kept up their barrage of attempts on goal; the Czech goalkeeper was doing brilliant keeping them all out.

The Czech team seemed to get a sudden boost, as they played with renewed vigour and had several attempts on goal.

The Portuguese players took control of the ball, Ronaldo sprinted to the Czech goal and scored.

Sadly the Czech team could not match this, and in the last few minutes Portugal got another goal which meant they had won the game by 2-0.

The next game is between Greece and Germany; it would be wonderful if Greece win the tournament for the second time since 2004.

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