Sunday, June 17, 2012

Great Fighting Spirit.

Roland Penrose

Today's been a bit of a slow day, everything was a bit delayed, due to Richie's painful shoulder.

So we took it easy which meant that I wasn't showered until late afternoon instead of just before midday.

We watched the football tournament, there were two games Denmark versus Germany and the Netherlands versus Portugal.

Both games were played at the same time, apparently to stop any game fixing.

It seems that in a previous tournament Germany was through to the next stage and Austria were not, so Germany let them win the game so they could go through.

The Netherlands took control of the game in the first minutes and Raphael Van de Vaart scored the first goal.

It looked encouraging but then the Dutch team seemed to lose their control and Portugal started to get more involved.

The news came that Germany had scored and so had Denmark so things did not look good for either the Netherlands or Portugal.

Then Portugal’s star striker Ronaldo scored a goal which made it one all, the Dutch did try to keep coming back into the game but they did not seem motivated.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar seemed to have a very bad game; one of the few to keep pushing was Raphael Van de Vaart, a Totteham player.

Ronaldo scored again for Portugal making 2-1, if the Dutch were to avoid leaving the competition in the qualifying stages, they would now have to score two more goals, which they did not seem capable of.

Right at the end of the game Raphael had another attempt on goal which was saved by the keeper, as was a shot on goal by Robin van Persie, the Arsenal striker.

Then the news came through that Germany had won the game with two goals while Denmark had only one goal and were leaving the competition.

The Dutch team would also be going home, they too only got one goal, it was quite sad to see the performance of the Netherlands this tournament.

One good bit of news was that Greece and fought back magnificently to beat Russia who were also now out of the tournament.

Despite that the Greek team were not tipped to do well; they have proved the pundits wrong by getting to the final stages of the qualifying round.

Now it's getting pretty exciting wandering which teams will get through to the semi-finals and final, I would love Greece to win again, they deserve it just for their fighting spirit.

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