Monday, June 18, 2012

A Huge Relief.


Roland Penrose 

During the night there was a sudden loud thunder storm, followed by a downpour of rain.

I tried to go back to sleep this was difficult, somehow I managed only to be woken up sometime later feeling really dreadful.

As I was half asleep it took me a while to realise what the problem was, which was that I was trying to pee and couldn't, not something I should be noticing.

Not with a catheter, at the same moment I started to feel really hot as if I was going to burst into flames.

Richie came over as soon as I called him; he immediately went to get one of the saline sachets used to flush the catheter.

The contents went in and came back out with no problem, Richie reconnected the catheter bag however there was still no flow of urine.

I was still feeling distressed, Richie got another catheter bag, he took off the old bag and connected the new one.

Instantly the urine flowed and my problem was solved which was literally a huge relief for me.

Amazingly we both went back to sleep, this morning I asked Richie what time it was when I called him, he told me it was just before five o'clock.

Thinking back it must have been the need to urinate that had my legs spasming just as I was dozing off.

It was so late when it started and I was so tired, that I remember my last thought had been I don't care what the legs of doing I'm sleeping.

Marleen who had been sleeping on my feet decided she'd had enough and jumped off my bed to go and join Richie in his bed with the other two dogs.

What a night, thanks to Richie's quick thinking the problem was solved within minutes.

Richie just came back from the doctors; with news that his painful shoulder is luckily only a trapped nerve for which he's got anti-inflammatory drugs.

When he went to the chemist to pick up the prescription he bought me a present, which got me very excited, Richie got me Nina Ricci shower gel, I feel very happy to be so spoilt, he really is my absolute darling.


kmilyun said...

Yeah Richie! glad you all figured it out as fast as you did. He is such a dear.

On nights where I have not woken up but was able to sleep through Catfish is my little meter. If I awake to find him snoozing on the floor instead of the bed I know I my legs must have been thrashing about in the night.

Say hiya to Richie and the dogs for us here.

Gareth said...

Watch folks so its football crazy time :) Nice to have something to take your mind of all the buracratic shit. Love the photos of the Dogs. Hope richies shoulder is better soon Enjoy your precious momment toghter
Will call soon have 2 weeks off fro 21st so hope to move back in during this time:)

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Dr Richie! He does better than most doctors I know...Love, mary

Webster said...

I have had that same thing happen with a bag that had worked just fine for two weeks. Richie is smart to troubleshoot these things so well, first with the flushing. etc. Who would suppose it was the bag? Well, sometimes it just is.

I hope your weather turns nice for you, and that you get the a/c just in time for it. Be well.

awb said...

Glad it worked out for you Herrad.


Herrad said...

Hello Jan,
I agree with you dogs are quick noticing. Ritchie was brilliant sorting out the cause of the problem so quickly.

Hello Gareth,
Its been absolute brilliant for helping me concentrate on other things rather than bureaucrats. They still haven't let me know what's happening, and as everybody is going on holiday now I don't expect anything to be done until they're all back from holidays.

Hello Mary,
You're right, our GPs colleague was here trying to help recently putting the new catheter in, and he couldn't do it. In fact be offered Richie a job.

Hello Webster,
I was advised to change the bag every week, we've had lots of problems with bags. They often leak, sometimes the opening for the urine flow is too small and will only let it drop at a time and sometimes it is blocked. There's always something as you know only too well.
The weather is supposed to be nice two days after which the clouds, high winds and rain will be back. So far no news about the air conditioning.
Take care and enjoy everything you can.

Hello Andy,
It is lovely to see your comment, just yesterday I was thinking about you and wondering how you are, I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit recently but will do my best to get there soon. Take care of yourself.

Thanks dear friends for coming by my blog and leaving comments they are much appreciated.
I hope you're well and enjoying life.

Love, Herrad