Friday, June 08, 2012

Enjoy The Moments.

Alice Rahon

This afternoon, I had a very enjoyable visit with my great friend Anja; she surprised me by bringing us a home-baked carrot cake.

It was delicious, really light and fluffy with walnuts and a lovely icing made with quark.

This was the very first time I've eaten carrot cake since the mid-80s, when an acquaintance made a really heavy one.

Which sadly put me off from eating that sort of cake again that is now 26 years ago.

Anja's cake was so good that it certainly has finally wiped out that unpleasant memory for me.

A very pleasant visit with Anja, nice to hear her news, typically time flew by and before we knew it she had to go home.

Before she left we agreed that she would be back to see me again on 29 June, which will be good.

Hopefully long before then the council will get back to me about the air conditioning.

Anja thought the responses to the council investigators questions were spot on, as did Richie and I.

My answers were brief and to the point, designed not to give them any room to try and interpret them differently.

Of course I was a bit too optimistic on Wednesday thinking that I might get a response by today, what was I thinking of.
Bureaucrats don't respond so quickly, it will probably take the investigator a couple weeks to get back to me.
Just to be on the safe side Anja asked me for the court letter which she read carefully.
Before confirming once again that the court told the council to go away and assess how to install air conditioning, not go away and start a new investigation.

Next Wednesday it would be one month since I won my case, Amsterdam Council must stop prevaricating and install the air conditioning in order that I can have some quality-of-life during the warmer months.

All I can do is not get too involved and stressed about it, not easy to do but it's important for me to remain as calm as I can in the circumstances.

Meanwhile I will enjoy the pleasant moments, like today's as well as Wednesdays, both lovely visits by our friends.

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