Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Slow Progress.

Ben Haveman                                                     

This  morning, the lovely nurse Milou visited to check on the progress of my pressure wound.

Milou examined the wound closely, then she carefully applied something that should aid the progress of the healing.

She seemed happy with what she saw and she will return next Wednesday to once again check on the progress.

I really hate these appointments; it is such an intrusion for somebody to come around so regularly to look at my bottom.

Luckily Milou is thoroughly nice, just like her ex colleague Ton, who is retired now he visited us every week for two years.

After a while we almost started thinking of him as one of our friends that is how easy it was to have him visiting us.

However it is not a social call, it is obviously not as I don't invite people around to examine my naked bottom.

Once again I shall put it out of my mind and concentrate on other things, such as the semi-finals in the Euro 2012 tournament, between Spain and Portugal.

Tomorrow it is Germany versus Italy, my feeling is that Spain should easily beat Portugal and Germany should do the same with Italy, but you never know.

Who knows what will happen during the game, Spain seemed to play much better than Portugal in the preceding games, but Portugal could win.

So too could Italy win against the German team,but I really don't think that either scenario is likely.

Italy would have to play creative football for the entire game and so would Portugal in order to be better than Spain or Germany.

I'm looking forward to both of these football games, first Spain playing against Portugal tonight, I wonder if Portugal will be able to win.

That will certainly take my mind off today’s visit by Milou, as well as her proposed visit next week Wednesday.


awb said...

Low man on the totem pole is how they would decide who would come look at my butt!

Herrad said...

hello Andy,
thank you for your visit is really nice to see your comment and one that made me smile.
Take care.
Love, Herrad