Friday, June 29, 2012

Super Mario.

Endre Nemes 

Last night was the second semi-final of the tournament; it was between Germany, who were tipped to win, and Italy.

Italy was totally in control from the moment the game started leaving Germany totally on the sidelines.

Cassano, one of the Italian players crossed the ball to Mario Ballotelli who headed it magnificently into the goal.

The first goal seemed to happen within minutes of the game starting which shocked the German team as well as their supporters.

There was a belief before the game that Germany would win the game without any trouble, now the Italians were showing them a different scenario.

The ball went up towards Italian goal, but not for long though, as Mario took control of it and ran down the field, to score a magnificent goal.

What made it brilliant was the fact that Mario had such good oversight of the game, and he made it happen, so now Italy had two goals well before half-time.

They tried to make it three goals before half-time but did not succeed in this aim; everyone went off at half time.

When they returned there were some changes in the German side, two substitutions were made.

Both players had immediate attempts on goal sadly they were both saved by Italy’s excellent goalkeeper Buffon.

They were Germany’s best chances of the game, the Italian team made sure they got no more, it ended with Italy 2 Germany 0.

Now Italy will play Spain in the final this Sunday, I hope Mario Ballotelli’s team will win with their exciting and unpredictable football.

Instead of Spain’s neat pinball machine style of football; which I find dull and boring, I am looking forward to a good football final this Sunday.


Gareth said...

Hi there folks glad to read your enjoying the footy, hope you saw the pics of house on FB. Also a little box is in the post needs to be signed for. Us good almost move all our stuff and if weather holds I,m doing a bootsale tomorrow. BIG LOVE@HUGS GXXX

Herrad said...

Hello Gareth,
lovely to see your comment and so quickly after I posted it. I hope you are having fun moving into your newly refurbished home, it must feel like a new house. I saw the pictures on Facebook and really liked them. I'm very curious about the parcel that is on its way, funnily enough I was then send your mail asking for cheese.Have a great weekend and I hope your boot sale goes really well.
Love, Herrad