Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Wonderful Distraction.

 Cyril and Tina.     
Yesterday we did watch the football; I just wanted the night off from writing about it.

Ukraine played France, this time Ukraine did not play as well as the first time, it was France 2-Ukraine 0.

England and Sweden was very exciting, England took the lead, Andy Carroll scored a magnificent header.

 When the game resumed Sweden got two quick goals, then Theo Walcott was brought on and immediately he thumped in an amazing goal from 25 m away.

Danny Welbeck scored their third goal by which time it became clear that England were going to win their second important game.

They have never beaten Sweden before nor done so well in any international football tournament.

The new manager, Roy Hodgson should be praised for bringing about such a positive development in the English national team.

It was good to see that they were playing as a team, they were well organised and they really wanted to win, an excellent attitude.                               
The UEFA football championship has been a wonderful distraction from the stress of trying to obtain aids to make life easier.

I have noticed how distorted my back is since I've had to remain in bed from the 23rd of February, when the old pressure wound opened up.

This means I can't sit up properly because that would put too much pressure on it.

Sitting slumped is not good for my back muscles, I heard the other day that muscles that are not used turn to fat.

Lying has done a lot of damage to my muscles, and this latest stay in bed is damaging them even more.

Richie has to reposition me constantly, usually every 3 to 5 minutes, otherwise it gets too painful for me.

Every time I notice that my legs are out of position, Richie corrected it, which prevented me hanging over the sides of the shower chair.

Right now I can only hold on with my left hand, so that means I cannot maintain my balance by holding onto the chair.

I can’t stop my decline; all I can do is retain my ability to laugh and to enjoy all that I can.

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