Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still Hoping For A Surprise.

Gunther Gerzso 

The quarter-finals will be coming to a conclusion tonight, when England play Italy.

Last night we saw the game between France and Spain, the winners of the tournament 2008 as well as the World Cup in 2010.

The French team are good but they were not able to get hold of the ball and every time they did manage to get it, a Spanish player soon took it back.

The Spanish team did what they always did, and started passing the ball between them leaving the French team on the sidelines.

The French team just ran around trying their best to create some chances for themselves that this never really materialised.

Instead the Spanish team started to score goals, Ces Fabregas and his teammates were having a great game.

They got four goals and would have got a lot more if the French goalkeeper hadn't saved them.

So that's the French out of the tournament as well, at the conclusion of the game between Italy and England we will know who will be playing against Germany.

Next Wednesday it will be staying playing against Portugal at next Thursday Germany playing the winner tonight.

Next Sunday will be the final, I wonder who will be the winner , I'm still hoping for a surprise.  

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