Saturday, September 29, 2012

A never ending love affair with the legendary Beach Boys.

The Beach Boys.
It was wonderful seeing the legendary Beach Boys, as well as Public Image Ltd (PIL) with John Lydon, who used to be the front man of the Sex Pistols.
Apart from a wonderful jazz pianist and singer Natalie Duncan the other two bands, Muse and XX were not my idea of good music.
In fact I found them both to be dull and pretentious which is a shame I think, seeing as they had the instruments and the capacity to make exciting music.
Muse take two thirds of the song building an atmosphere and leave themselves with no room to build up to a dramatic ending.
They really did not make a good impression on me, I thought the front man looked like a constipated ferret.
The other band XX all seemed to be mournful songs about love and loss, sadly they all passed me by.
I think it would have been a better show without Muse and XX and just with the wonderful Beach Boys and PIL and Natalie Duncan.
In fact it would have been perfect with just the Beach Boys as I'm sure this is going to be the last time that they will be on Later with Jools Holland on BBC 2.
The Beach Boys are set to give a concert at the Royal Albert Hall which I feel will probably be be the last time that they perform in public.
They are such a wonderful group and given pleasure to many all over the world for over 50 years now, I fell in love with them when I was 14 in 1965.
Now in 2012 I'm still in love with them, I think they are absolutely the best group for lyrics and harmonies, they still give me a lot of pleasure listening to their music.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Catching up on reading. I love the Beach Boys! Have a great week. Love, Mary

steve said...

I'm sitting at the airport bar, and nearly spit out my beer reading this post. I've never seen a constipated ferret, but I have seen Muse on TV, so I guess I now know what one looks like.