Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still Have Pride In My Appearance.

Roberto Matta.

It is definitely getting cooler now as summer is being replaced by autumn weather.

Which I would enjoy more if I could go outside, even better if I could be mobile then I would have no problems with it getting cooler.

Because the weather has changed, I have to wear a light jacket or a zipped up top to keep me comfortably warm.

Clothes are not easy for me any more because of my increased disability, which makes some items of clothing difficult to get on me.

There is a real shame especially as I can no longer where several of my favourite T-shirts anymore.

Before I became so handicapped and sensitive to temperature I used to love wearing thin sleeveless T-shirts which I can't wear any more.

I also can't wear anything that is made out of lycra, as I can't adjust it correctly sitting in a wheelchair or in bed.

Lycra garments are only good worn by people who are mobile; they are no good for wheelchair users as they ride up and do not sit nicely.

Which is a real shame because these days so many items of clothing are made either in Lycra or containing it.

The other item of clothing, that I could not wear for ages until Richie worked out how to adapt my clothing, were denim jeans.

In fact most trousers were not suitable in a wheelchair, as sitting down causes the waistband to go too far under the waist which is not a pleasant sensation.

Now all trousers, zipped up tops, jackets get adapted by our friend Anja, so that they don't get ripped up being put on in the shower chair.

Most garments do not last very long when having to be pulled on over the hard plastic surface of the shower chair.

Adapting my clothes has extended how long they will last for, and carrying out the adaptations ourselves is much cheaper than buying from disabled clothing websites.

As well as the clothes being more attractive than the majority of clothing supposedly designed for handicapped people.

It is a shame that the majority of companies who sell clothing for handicapped people do not have real empathy with their clients.

If they did they would realise that being handicapped does not mean no longer wanting to put on attractive clothing.

I still enjoy wearing nice things, which includes using perfume, wearing earrings, necklaces and rings all things that I still love.


Unknown said...

Patti has always had the same problem with trousers but we found years ago the answer was simply buy and wear oversize. She has not stood in decades so it is not like the pants will fall down and the wider waistband eliminates the problem sitting, plus the longer legs extend the trouser legs to her shoes where proper length pants always ride up from sitting and seem too short. Oversize with sweaters, sweatshirts etc also makes it easier to help with dressing and most important of all 'comfortable' for Patti.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Have Myelin? said...

Of course you have pride in your appearance, you are a WOMAN! You roar in your skin like one.

Hear ya, hear ya! I think it's worth the effort. =)

janis said...

Makes one think we need to make clothes more accessible. When I assist a 13 yr old girl, with multitude problems, dressing and undressing... we get so frustrated. "A" wants to wear cool teen clothes but because of her lack of movement and the dang wheel chair, let along ease-ability when trying to hurry for restroom... she wants independence with these things without wearing "ugly" clothes.