Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bounce Back Positive Once Again.

  Roberto Matta
It's amazing that today is already the 1st of September, it has taken me somewhat by surprise.

My ambition to be able to go outside this spring and summer has not been realised, which is really getting to me now.

I do so love the months from March to August, my favourite is spring when everything is coming to life again.

From the end of February each day becomes longer and there is more light which is so lovely, and by March everything looks promising.

Despite the setback of having to stay in bed I was very optimistic that I would be able to go out in the summer.

Even if I could not manage to experience spring weather outside, I was convinced that the wound would heal in time for me to go out during the summer.

The light months of the year are coming to an end and soon the nights will be getting longer again and I still have not been able to sit in my wheelchair.

It was easier for me to be optimistic at the beginning of spring but now that summer has ended it is more difficult for me to stay optimistic.

Even if it is difficult I am going to do my best to remain as positive as possible, not easy but then the alternative, being negative is not good.

Of course I have my negative moments and as long as they remain moments is all right, anything else would drag me down and Richie too.

Which is something I don't want to happen, today has not been easy but it is only a blip from which I will bounce back and be positive once again.

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