Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Tired But Happy.

Roberto Matta.

Today has been an extremely tiring day; it started at six o'clock this morning when Richie got up to take the dogs out to the Park for a run as well as play.

Before Richie went off with the dogs, I asked him to get me some THC which had me drifting back to sleep quite quickly.

Sadly I never managed to sleep as deeply as I did before I got woken up, and before I knew it Richie and the dogs were back from the Park.

Richie came into bedroom and started doing the relaxation exercises on my right arm, then we did both arms together, I did the left arm, he did the right.

After which he did my leg exercises, Richie moved them, this is good because it keeps the muscles supple.

Richie gave me a wonderful shower; he dressed and perfumed me, Chanel 5 to keep my confidence up at the hospital

The ambulance came for us at 10.30, the appointment was for 11.00, it was a bit of a surprise as we needed the extra half an hour to fine tune our departure.

We were at the hospital just before 11. 00 and was seen pretty much seen right away, two nurses took us to a treatment room.

They tried to insert a catheter without any luck, after a while they went and got two doctors who also tried to insert a catheter.

I was starting to feel like a cross between a pin cushion and a dart board with all the attempts to get a catheter into the stoma.

It took one and a half hours for the catheter could finally be inserted into my bladder and the other catheter in my uretha.

After a while the doctors got their senior colleague to come and see if he could get a catheter put in.

After the first hour when it seemed that doctors were not getting anywhere and the pain got to me, I started to cry.

Then I apologised, they responded by saying it was no wonder I was crying as it must be very painful for me, they all thought I'd been very brave.

Just when I thought I was going to be told they could not do anything for me and I would have to have a new operation, the third Dr got the catheter in.

Then we had to wait another hour for an ambulance to take us home, I found it really difficult to wait so long as I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable sitting propped up on an examination couch, which was hard.

Finally just after 13.30 the ambulance came to collect us and we were home at 14.00 which was wonderful, now I am totally shattered but happy it is done.

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Webster said...

That sounds like it was a terrible ordeal. I agree, you were quite brave.
Hopefully things will heal well around the stoma so this does not happen again next time you have to change.