Monday, September 03, 2012

Keeping Calm.

Roberto Matta.

We were later last night then we intended, but nevertheless it was a relaxed night which gave us no warning of what was to happen the next day.

This morning I got woken up quite abruptly, I thought at first it was just because I heard Richie getting up.

Then I realised it was because I was not lying comfortably, I got Richie to move me which seemed to resolve my problem.

However it didn't, instead my discomfort got worse, I did my best to relax and concentrate on something else, I did not succeed.

When I felt that I really could not carry on any more, I reluctantly called Richie for more help.

He came over immediately, as soon as I mentioned that I thought there might be a problem with my catheter, Richie took a look.

Right away he told me that the catheter had somehow come out and was lying with the balloon deflated next to me.

By this time I felt I was going to burst into flames as I became aware that I was absolutely desperate to urinate.

Richie got the new catheter, he did his best but he could not get the new catheter into the bladder.

He also could not get a catheter without the bubble in to drain the urine which was giving me so much discomfort.

Eventually Richie decided to put the catheter into my uretha, as a temporary solution, when this was done, I phoned our doctor.

I explained the situation and she got in touch with the urologist at the hospital, which had performed the supra pubic catheter operation in 2010.

Tomorrow morning I will be taken by an ambulance to the hospital, where they hope to be able to widen the opening and reinsert a supra pubic catheter.

If not, then I would have to wait for the original stoma to heal over, when this is done they will operate again.

Hopefully there will be able to widen the stoma tomorrow, I've been worrying that something dreadful would happen and now it has, I am strangely calm.

Funnily enough just yesterday I thought why worry before the event, and now it has happened there is little point in worrying, I shall wait and see what tomorrow brings.

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