Thursday, September 06, 2012

Having A Relaxed Day.

Roberto Matta.

We taking it very easy today, in order to regain our equilibrium which was disrupted at the beginning of the week by the catheter disaster.

First of all the nasty surprise on Monday morning, when the pain of not been able to urinate was difficult to cope with.

As soon as Richie knew it was not possible to insert a new catheter in the stoma, he did the next best thing and inserted a catheter into my uretha.

The relief for me was instant, which was wonderful as I had been getting extremely desperate.

The next day at the hospital was a dreadful ordeal to have to go through, but luckily the doctors were successful after 1 1/2 hours.

Which was excellent as I don't need another operation, something I wasn't looking forward to having done, so it isn't necessary.

Really pleased that we've been taking it easy we have really needed some quiet time like we had during the day today.

I'm so happy to have Richie look after me, something he does so well, and with such tender kindness and loving care, he is my absolute Darling.

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