Saturday, September 08, 2012

Enjoying The Sunshine.

Roberto Matta. 

Gradually every day since Monday and Tuesday I become relaxed once again.

It took me awhile after the ordeal at the hospital on Tuesday; I was well on the way when on Wednesday afternoon was another catheter problem.

Suddenly without any warning I became totally preoccupied with urinating, as soon as I became aware of this I called Richie for help.

Richie had a look and decided he needed to flush out the catheter, because may be a blockage.

He used a saline sachet, which went in and came back out without any problems, but it had not resolved my discomfort.

Richie checked the catheter bag and found a small bit of matter was causing the problem; a new bag soon solved that problem.

It was brilliant that they could be sorted so quickly and easily, the only negative aspect was that it made me quite anxious for a time.

Luckily that soon went and the next day I felt much better again which was really good, better than getting upset.

This week I am taking it very easy in order to put all the catheter problems right out of my mind and concentrate on more pleasant things.

Such as enjoying the blue skies and sunshine as well as warm temperature between 24° and 26°.

Extremely pleasant for 8th of September, especially after our cool it was yesterday and especially last night when I was glad of a blanket.

This morning when I woke up it was too warm blankets but luckily not warm enough to make me feel unwell, I'm enjoying the sunshine enormously.

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