Sunday, September 23, 2012

Enjoying The Present.

Roberto Matta.

Friday it was 21st of September which is the Autumn Solstice and right away it looked and felt like it.

It is only 21.00 now yet it feels so much later already, the other thing that is very noticeable is how much colder it has become within a couple of days.

For the last week I haven't had to use my mosquito net during the night and day we had been central heating on this morning because it was so cold first thing.

Richie is going to look for some warm trousers for me so I don't have to spend all day covered by duvet or blankets.

It's much nicer to be able to lie on top of the bed rather than be lying in bed covered; I think warm trousers is a very good idea of Richie’s.

We are both looking forward to seeing Aud on Wednesday next week; it is really special to have her staying with us.

What's even nicer is the fact that it's not a brief visit, as Aud will be here until 6 October, and I hope she will be back quite soon after that.

Looking outside it really looks like it is the end of October and nearly November and not the 23rd of September.

I seem to spend too much time worrying about when my old pressure wound would heal, if indeed it would ever heal and would I ever be outside again.

Too many questions none of which I could possibly answer, in fact the only effect of these questions was to upset and demotivate me.

Once I noticed while was doing to myself, I've decided to stop trying to guess what this horrible disease Multiple Sclerosis will do next.

There really is no point in my wasting valuable energy in trying to predict the future, not when I want to enjoy the present, which I do.

I'm going to leave the future for what it is something that will happen in due course, instead I'm going to concentrate on enjoying the present.

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