Sunday, September 09, 2012

Enjoy Every Moment.

Roberto Matta.

The weather today is nice, blue skies, sunshine all day which is lovely for me to see, I like looking out of the window on days like this one.

It's been a very relaxing day, we are both taking it as easy as we can, having said that Richie still had plenty to do.

Showering me is not as easy as it used to be, as my hands are not functioning well.

Up to recently I could hold on to the armrest on the shower chair to give me support, I can't do that anymore, this makes me feel like I'm not sitting securely.

Which is not true, as I am sitting securely but it doesn't feel like that to me, to me it feels like I'm wobbling about and I could fall out of the shower chair.

Richie has to constantly adjust my sitting position, which must make showering me like wrestling for him as well as for me too.

This afternoon was another difficult session in the shower; up to recently I was able to cooperate with Richie dressing me.

Now all that my hands not functioning well and I can' lift my arms and place them around Richie's neck, in order for my bra top and top to be put on me.

I can just about get my left arm up around Richie’s neck but I can't move my right arm anymore.

So now Richie has to get my arm up that I can try to hold on while he pulls me forward, this afternoon is was very difficult, it was a relief when it was over.

As soon as it is over I can forget about it until the next time, I'm not even going to bother worrying myself with questions how we will cope when my disability gets worse.

I've learned not trying to second-guess the future, it is a pointless exercise and a total waste of my time which I prefer to use to enjoy every moment I have.


Have Myelin? said...

you keep your spirits up, don't you. i should try harder.


janis said...

Hi Herrad~ So sorry I have been mia for so long. I need to get caught up. Love to you & Richie too♥