Friday, September 28, 2012

An Enjoyable Friday.

Roberto Matta.

Today is another pleasant day, it is really nice having a visitor staying with us, good to have  interaction with someone else.

Lovely having Aud staying with us, already the seem to be flying by but that's always the way, especially when you're enjoying yourself.

Richie has taken the dogs to the Rembrandt Park for a lovely run around and play with their favourite toys, so they'll be back soon happy and hungry for their dinner.

when Richie is back from the Rembrandt Park, he plans to make fresh tagliatelli and a tomato sauce with roasted aubergine and salad.

I plan to stop now and place this short piece on my blog together with another wonderful piece of artwork from Roberto Matta.

As soon as I've done that I can turn off the microphone and talk to Aud and listen to the radio without interfering with the Dragon voice recognition.

Tonight at midnight there will be a longer edition of Later with Jools Holland on BBC two which I am looking forward to tremendously.

I am looking forward to seeing the legendary Beach Boys, as well as Public Image Ltd or PIL with John Lydon, who used to be the front man of the Sex Pistols.

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