Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great News.

Roberto Matta.
Jazz band, 1973.

This morning Milou came to see us, check on the progress of my wound, she told us that it was looking even better than last time, two weeks ago.

She will be back to see me on 3 October, before she comes back she will discuss with Dr. Stolwijk, if there is anything else she can do speed up the healing process.

It's been quiet and empty since our lovely visitors, Gareth and Paul left on Monday, but it seems that won't be for long.

As we had great news yesterday from Aud, Richie's sister that she will be coming to see us on 26th of September and she'll be staying until 6th of October.

That is such brilliant news, I'm looking forward tremendously to seeing her, I'm hoping next week the weather will be better than this week.

It will be lovely to have Aud here with us, especially for 11 days, I'm very excited to be seeing her again.

I know the dogs will be happy to see her especially Cyril who seemed to fall in love with her when she visited us last November.

It's great that we're getting another visitor so soon, that is excellent and just what we need right now.

Getting Aud's e-mail yesterday with the dates of her visit is really such good news; I'm feeling extremely positive about life now.

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