Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Busy Day.

Roberto Matta.

Last night we were both fast asleep when just after 03.00 the phone rang which ripped as both out of our slumbers.

These days it's not possible for me to get my arm out from under the cover and stretched out in order to pick up the call.

The noise of the phone ringing eventually stopped and we both tried to go back to sleep just as we were dozing off the phone rang again.

This time Richie answered and shouted leave us alone and replaced the receiver again, we both tried to carry on sleeping.

Only to be disturbed by a ring at our apartment door, which got the dogs barking, Richie and the dogs rushed to our front door.

When Richie got there he was greeted by two ambulance men, apparently my alarm had gone off.

Something neither of us had noticed because we were asleep, the ambulance crew took some persuading that I was okay.

In fact Richie had to yell at them and then they finally understood that we had not activated the alarm, then they finally left.

It took us both a long time to calm down and relax and even then it was a long time before either of us could sleep again.

We wanted an early night because somebody from RTD was coming around at 10.00 to install the English as well as the German dictionaries on the Seetech computer.

On the phone Rini, the engineer told us he would not be long, he ended up being here from 10.16 to 14.30, in which time he installed everything successfully.

He also downloaded for me which has Word but sadly no e-mail program, it would be great to find a free downloadable e-mail on the Internet.

While he was here he reprogrammed the IPaq gadget because I could not activate the bed so could not adjust my position.

He also edited one of the numbers on the quick dialling page and he removed the control box on my wheelchair for the electric arm, which I returned the.

No sooner had Rini left but my lovely physiotherapist Mathilde arrived for our Thursday appointment.

Not long after she was gone Gareth and Paul came round to visit us one more time before they leave tomorrow afternoon.

It has been quite a day; I've never had so many phone calls as today or so many people coming round.

It would have been much pleasant had we both got a good night's sleep, I phoned Ata the alarm providers, and explained what had happened and how often the alarm goes off on its own.

I now have an appointment for someone to come here next Tuesday to replace not just the battery but also the box.

Once that is done we shouldn't have any more incidents with the alarm going off on its own like it did in the middle of the night.


Webster said...

Ah, the curious incident of the alarm in the night time.

Gareth said...

Greetings Folks, Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome, was lovley to hang out and natter, just a shame the time flew by, allways the way when hanging with good friends. Whishing you a quiet weekend LOADS OF LOVE@HUGS GXXX