Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Days.

Roberto Matta
Suddenly there was a lot of activity as Richie is very busy with vacuuming the apartment prior to Richie's sister Aud arriving to stay with us.

I hope she will have a pleasant relaxing time here with us and our three lovely dogs, which I'm sure, will be delighted to see her, someone else to play with them.

Cyril will be delirious with excitement at seeing Aud again; he was smitten with her when she visited us last November.

Then she was only here for three days and this time she will be here for nearly 11 days, which is brilliant as three days are over much too quickly.

Even 11 days will be over before we know, and it will be 6th of October but that is not something I'm going to concentrate on now.

Right now I'm just looking forward to seeing Aud and hearing her news as well as seeing how Cyril will react.

Seeing Aud in November gave the little dog a huge boost and he was very cheerful and a lot more confident in the weeks afterwards.

Since we got Tina not long after Aud's last visit she also has had a really positive effect on Cyril, who is a more relaxed and confident dog.

I'm hoping that seeing Aud will have a positive effect on him, we are hoping that Cyril will be even more relaxed.


Gareth said...

Greetings folks, just a BIG HELLo from a Wet@ Windy wales. Things back to normal here, started work again which is going ok, the chaps seemed to appreciate my return. Whising you a lovley time with Aud.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Have a great visit! Love, mary