Friday, September 07, 2012

An Enjoyable Day.

Roberto Matta.
This week has not been a good week with all the catheter dramas, for either Richie nor myself.

It is amazing how such events really take it out of you, I think it is only today that I was starting to feel I've got to over the beginning of the week.

Today has been a very pleasant day, which included a two hour visit from Anja, it was lovely to see you again.

She brought a beautiful bunch of deep red roses, they are really lovely and it was wonderful to notice that they smell of roses, most don't have any fragrance.

Anja put them into a vase which she placed in the bedroom, on the shelf where my perfume bottles are in front of the mirror, where I can see them.

It was lovely to see Anja again and talk with her, it is so nice to talk to somebody else too, especially a good friend like her.

The last time I saw Anja was a month ago when Angela was over here to visit us for four days.

It was lovely to see Anja and Angela meet again, the last time they saw each other was in 1997 and that was only briefly.

They met for the first time in 1992, which was 20 years ago now, they clicked when they first met so it was nice to see that they still felt the same way.

Nice to have such good friends, I appreciate and enjoy their friendship very much.

The weather has been good today, Richie told me it was a pleasant September day, that's what it looks like to me too.

Now at 19.50 it is a lovely evening with blue skies and gorgeous sunshine not bad at all, I intend to enjoy it.

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