Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Lazy Sunday.

Roberto Matta.

Today's been really relaxed and lazy Sunday which I thoroughly enjoyed, I slept right through until 12.00.

Then no sooner had I woken up when the phone rang and it was Gareth on the phone from Wales, which was a wonderful surprise.

He and his partner Paul, will be over here on 14th of September and the best bit is that they'll be staying with us for the first three days.

It will be brilliant to have them staying with us, that's the third this year that we had friends staying with us.

I find I am getting quite excited about the prospect of their visit, it'll be nice to see them again, the last time was in September 2010.

A lot has happened since then for all of us, they've been renovating their house so I hope to hear all about it and maybe see some more photos too.

In 2010 the weather was much pleasanter in September than it is at the moment, it is quite cool so much so I have the windows shut in the bedroom.

Quite amazing given that the windows were both or either open up until Thursday since when is become cold enough for me to need a blanket at night.

Something I haven't needed since March, if it carries on getting cooler I will be needing my duvet very soon, usually that is necessary at the end of October.

Who knows what will happen with the weather, it could also suddenly get a lot warmer again we'll just have to wait and see.

Today has been good for me as I'm pleasantly relaxed now, I'm going to find another piece of art by Roberto Matta, a wonderful Chilean surrealist artist.

Whose work I admire, I think he was a great artist, who was extremely prolific so there's a lot of paintings to choose from which makes me very happy.


Webster said...

How nice to have visitors come stay with you again; What a wonderful surprise.

Our weather patterns this year are different, too. Even though I think it has been cooler than usual, we have had some really hot days. Thank goodness only a few, and not all at once. Also, later this week it is projected to get warm again, which I am looking forward to.

Now if only I had some friends or relatives call me saying they were coming to stay for a few days ... all would be perfect.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Nice post and artwork! Have a great week in cooler air. Love, Mary