Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Promises Than Action.

Roberto Matta.

Well it seems that Seetech is also going to be something that is turning into a never-ending story.

I hope not, but it does seem to be a problem, when Riny, from RTD came here with the Seetech computer on 29 August I thought everything was in order.

On the day transpired that despite promises that the RTD employee Werner made on 15 May they have not been able to provide an English dictionary.

Nor are they managed to buy the correct German dictionary, for which we paid them a couple of months ago.

Riny promised me that he would track down both of these applications and he would call me back last week to make an appointment to this week.

Well he did neither last week, something that did not surprise me and that is the behaviour I'm used to from his company, RTD Het Dorp from Arnhem.

I sent the company an e-mail last Friday asking to be called this Monday, Riny called and left a voice message promising to get back to me on Wednesday.

After waiting all day hearing anything I concluded at 17. 37 that I might as well forget about the phone call.

Right then the phone rang and it was Riny from RTD, however he was not calling to make an appointment, sadly not, instead he had other news.

Which was quite shocking news, he told me that I was the first person to want to use English on the Seetech computer, according to him this was the first time.
I was amazed to hear this yesterday, especially as this was never mentioned by other employee at the appointment to discuss Seetech on 15th of May.

Werner, their salesmen, who told both my occupational therapist and myself that it was no problem to install both the English as well as a German dictionary.

Riny told me he would do his best to try and work out how to install and use both dictionaries of the Seetech computer.

Once again I got the promise of a phone call either on Friday or next week, again I am left waiting, a familiar story and one that I've become very used to.

Over the last years of having to deal with suppliers as well as the bureaucrats who act as go-betweens.   


Gareth said...

HI folks, just popped by me franticly packing (Paul packed days ago) just about getting goodie in the suitcase. A shame to read the usual bullshit form suppliers. Looking forward to seeing ya ALL

Travelogue for the Universe said...

This is so frustrating! Hope they find and deliver what they promised. Best wishes to you all. Love, mary