Monday, September 24, 2012

A Lovely Visit.

Roberto Matta.

What a difference a few days can make, last week the temperature was still in the lower 20° and today on Monday 24th of September it feels like 10°.

The temperature is in fact 14° it just looks miserable because it's also been raining a lot which on a day like today makes everything look gloomy.

Richie has got his rain gear on and he and the dogs are going to set off for the Rembrandt Park in the hope of an hours playing as well is running around without any rain.

I had to pause the microphone until they departed because the dogs barking always produces strange sentences and I am fed up of deleting unwonted words added by barking.

Matilda came by at 1400 for my physiotherapy session which went well; although it's strange that she has the move my right arm during the exercises as I cannot move my right arm.

We had fun as we usually do during these sessions, laughing and talking as we did the exercises; before she left she had a huge cuddle with Cyril.

Matilda had just left when our doorbell rang and it was Cecile coming to visit us with a beautiful big bunch of orange and purple flowers.

They are very pretty and add much-needed colour to the room today, not long after Cecile arrived Richie brought in a plate of freshly made potato latkes.

Richie made them by grating potato, carrot, onion and adding finely chopped up garlic, Scotch Bonnet and flour which he mixed well.

Little patties were made and fried in olive oil until crisp and golden; it was a lovely sharing them with Cecile.

They were delicious with Lemon and Ginger tea, currently our favourite fruit tea, my other favourite is Apple tea which is refreshing to drink.

Cecile had to rush off after a very pleasant visit, it was lovely to see her, she looked good and showed off her new boots which looked good and suited her.

I'm looking forward to seeing Richie back from the Rembrandt Park, as I am not sitting comfortably, despite being slumped I can still write with Dragon voice recognition.

Despite the weather it is being an extremely pleasant day, a visit from Cecile with a gorgeous bunch of flowers is a lovely way to start the week.

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