Saturday, September 22, 2012

Looking Forward To Next Week.

Roberto Matta.

It's a nice autumn day to day, blue skies sunshine with the occasional cloud cover which then moves away again to reveal more sunshine.

Today is going to be the last pleasant day according to the weather report before a low weather system moves in with lots of rain and high winds.

I spoke to our friend Lin from the British General Store this afternoon and she said that she intends to go out blackberry picking tomorrow whatever the weather does.

It would be lovely if she were successful and picks lots of blackberries as Lin has promised to give us some.

Looking forward to Richie making jam and maybe a small blackberry pie or even a blackberry crumble that would be delicious.

Despite finally getting a good night sleep last night I don't yet feel 100% recovered from Wednesday night’s alarm drama.

We've had it switched off since Thursday and won't switch it back on until the new battery and alarm box is installed on Tuesday afternoon next week.

Mind you I've been wondering whether I actually need the alarm, seeing as I can easily telephone the emergency services using the Home servant IPaq.

Also once the Seetech computer is totally organised I can add the emergency services telephone numbers into my emergency numbers.

I'll discuss it with Richie over the weekend in the meantime I'm going to enjoy looking for some artwork from Roberto Matta after which Richie and I will watch the next episode of Doctor Who on BBC one.

Next week our favourite music program Later with Jools comes back on BBC2 on Tuesday evening as well as Friday.

And even better Richie's sister Aud will arrive on Wednesday and she'll be staying until 6 October which is fantastic, lovely to have her staying with us.

I'm looking forward to next week, good music on television and a visit from Aud,lots to look forward to.

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