Friday, September 14, 2012

An Exciting Day

Roberto Matta.
It's exciting day to day, because to visitors arriving at any minute now, Gareth and Paul will be staying in Amsterdam for 10 days.

They will be staying with us for three of those days, which will be really lovely; it is so nice to have our good friends here with us.

Richie is in the spare room making it look nice for their arrival, I can hear him moving around.

I am extremely happy at the prospect of idea friends being here so soon, Gareth just rang from Schiphol Airport.

He wanted to let us know they were catching the train Amsterdam Central any minute and it would be with us within an hour.

The weather is improving nice to see the clouds rolling away and blue sky and sunshine replacing them.

Hopefully the weather will be pleasant for Gareth and Paul’s visit to their friends in Amsterdam, all I am sure, are as excited as we are.

There will be staying here until Sunday, so my post will not be very long during their visit, I've already found art work from a from my favourite artist Roberto Matta, the famous surrealist from Chile.

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