Thursday, February 19, 2009

Always expect the best.

Snowdrops in Wales.

Always expect the best can result in the best happening.

Much better than expecting the worse and somehow making it happen to.

When I realised that my role was still important was seeing what the effects and consequences of my becoming depressed would be like on us.

It would have been horrendous, we would be demoralised plus the wound would heal slower and it would be a downward spiral.

Expect the best and hope for even better.


tt said...

Bravo!! I'd say your glass is more than half full. :)

Herrad said...

Cheers lets have another round of drinks!

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, we can't avoid depression. But your outlook can certainly help you out of the spiral.

I agree.

Unknown said...

And we all need to have our needs met and having significant support and love are essential in this journey of life...
I'll get the next round Herrad!
Much love always and to all the wonderful people who come to your blog - Cheers!

Stan said...

Dear Herrad:

Please come forth and receive;

Yours Truly,

Herrad said...

Thanks Stan

Ana said...

You live at Amsterdam!
I've spent three days.
What a great city to live!
Of course I've visited Van Gogh Museum and the Riljkmuseum (is it right written?)
But the whole city is great. The architecture and people are amazing.
Very beautiful women all well dressed and with great stylised hair.
Handsome men too. They look strong :)
You have a beautiful photo from Wales at this post.
It has raised my spirit.
Thank you!

Nunya said...

Hello Herrad, and thank you so much for saying hello to me! I'm so glad you did, else I would not have come over to read.

What a woman! I'll be back to visit with you more often.

Richie said...

I always expect the best- in my women in particular! :) XXX