Sunday, February 15, 2009

MS aches, pains and miseries.

Strange day today felt odd, everything was not ok for me a strange feeling.

Things like less hand function making me very frustrated indeed and inclined to think everything is against me.

Not true just the MS that has made life so difficult and painful.

Ouch!!!!! howl..... sob!!!!!

After that the day was ok and now it is evening and then the bit I do not like so much the night.

If I am lucky can sleep for most of it otherwise try and lie quiet which is difficult once awake and feeling all the pains and aches.


kmilyun said...

Ms is such a sucko deal!

I read this in a book last night, the title Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson:

". ... I want to use the time it takes. Time is important to me now, I tell myself. Not that it should pass quickly or slowly, but be only time, be something I live inside and fill with physical things and activities that I can divide it up by, so that it grows distinct to me and does not vanish when I am not looking."

Augh but for me some days finding the activities to divide it with is hard.

The race is starting soon so I am off to the couch hoping to stay awake to watch it all.

Hope your aches, pains and miseries become less.


steve said...

mortonlake said...

well,i know the feeling love.sometimes i have no feeling in hands at all,txting on mobile is the worse lol.bloody fiddly thoughts with you.take care,love mort xxx

Webster said...

Oh Herrad, I'm sorry you have to endure such pain. Is there nothing that helps ease it for you? Or nothing that helps you sleep through it? I'm sending happy thoughts your way.

Question for you: What is the picture on your blog? I can't figure it out!

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,

The photo is me in my wheelchair with an elecmtric handbike called a Speedy.

Here is a link
and here's a link to watch a demo


MaryAnn Chick Whiteside said...

A good night's sleep does seem to help, I find. Hope you get one tonight.

Sometimes, I figure out what I might write. Unfortunately, when the fingers work again those words - so carefully arranged - are long forgotten

Taxingwoman said...


herrad Yeah the nights can be long and I notice the pain more then too.

I listen to music on the radio otherwise some nights I would go mad.
Have to give you credit. In spite of it all ,you do write a good blog.