Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pressure Sore.

Have been in bed since 21 August with a very nasty pressure sore.

Really glad that I did not know about how serious it was at the beginning, not that I could have run away screaming.

Could have screamed and bawled and carried on and got myslf and Richie very depressed indeed.

Did cry for the first hour and was not at all happy but realised very quickly that to allow myself to be sad and miserable would be disasterous for us both.

Instead decided to concentrate on the good things, like Richie, our friends, how well I was being looked after to name but a few things.

Very glad that I did not know how deep the wound was, only heard a few weeks ago that it had been overe 6 cm's wide and nearly as deep plus it stank.

Took until October to clean the wound and until then Richie had to wash and dress the wound twice a day.

Then it started to look clean and slowly progress was being made before Christmas the nurse got more cheerful about how it was going.

From then on Richie has only had to dress the wound once a day.

Since last week the nurse will only come to check on the progress every two weeks instead of evry week.

The wound is getting smaller it was just three cm's last week and Richis has been advised to cut down on the amount of bandage he packs into the wound.

Now we are all waiting to see if the progress will remain as good as it has been.

Hoping the end of the month will bring some good news about when it will be estimated that I can sit again.


kmilyun said...

Good progress indeed.

Richie said...

That wound was a shocker but we are gettining rid of it. I nearly said "but we got it licked" somehow I just did not like the imagery.
I am glad yo still don't mind having me hanging round. May we have many more days like today- full of good friends, love and good food.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your wound is improving. If you aren't being seen by a wound specialist now (physician, nurse, physical therapist), it would be good to see one, to make sure everything that should be done is being. Wound healing is a specialty, and most health providers don't have a comprehensive, or current, understanding of it, since it's barely touched on in their training.

You can find certified people near you at or

Unknown said...

I'm beginning to think that I need to get my ass over there and bring Marlene with me so that we can laugh again....seriously there is a change of events yet again so let's wait and see....birthday coming up girl...
be yuh both loads..always in gratitude for the intrepid love you have shown..I'm reminded about Love in the time of Cholera by Gabrial Garcia Marquez..
Big hug xxxx

MaryAnn Chick Whiteside said...

Happy to hear of improvements!

Herrad said...

Hi Renee,

Thanks for your concerned comment.

The wound nurse from the Rehabilitation Clinic Amasterdam has been visiting once a week since August.

Now he will visit every two weeks as he is satisfied with the progress.


mortonlake said...

sounds horrific herrad,but glad you making progress,keep smiling.failing that,have a bloody good cry evry now and take care,love mort.xxxxx

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! herrad
Keeping my fingers crossed for you
I think you are right, sometimes it is better not to know when things are bad. I always tell the dentist to just go ahead and do what he has to do and say nothing to me.

Blinders Off said...

I too hope you receive good news at the end of the month.